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Green wall progress

A few months back a retaining wall at my parents house collapsed. Luckily no-one was hurt, but my dad decided this was an opportunity to rebuild it as a green wall. The structure of the wall includes large support beams and a steel-mesh, holding up sandbags filled with soil.

We started an ad-hoc planting programme, using mainly succulents and creepers from the garden. I am happy to say the plants have taken off and the wall is starting to look like it should, green!

Green wall, before the planting
And below, images of the wall as it is now.

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Hey Niall, that looks great nice one.. I’m busy working on a plan to construct plant boxes for my roof, which is flat and want to fill them with veggies and herbs, do you have any idea on where or what to use as a water proofing sealant for the boxes which I think will be wooden I want to try keep them “organic” as possible so don’t want plastic sheeting with chemicals, estrogen etc… I thought about making them from glass bottles and clay or something similar but way to much work and not very movable so timber boxes are the best option but need waterproofing> I found something overseas but not here In SA yet here is the link I’ll keep looking but thought I’d just ask you anyhow as any info would be great…Thanks

Hi Marcel

Why do want to make them waterproof? You’d probably want the boxes to have drainage?

You should raise them off the roof so water doesn’t pool under them (and possibly leak through) but I would line the boxes with canvas or something, to keep the soil in but let the water soak through.

I saw some in Cape Town recently, will try to find a pic.



Hey Niall.. oops thanks for your fantastic insight!! You are so right I overlooked the drainage aspect..I was worried about the wood rotting from the moisture and disintegrating but I think that your idea is a good one I’ll give it a try and let you know..Thanks a stack..

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