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Indian Mynas!

HALLO DAAR. Jammer ek kan nie in Engels skryf nie, ek is te ontsteld. Ek bly in die Vrystaat, sien. Hier het ‘n Indiese spreeu in my swaeltjie nes ingetrek. Gee asb dringend raad. Hoe kry ek hom uit en weg. asb liewer weg?! Lets try the English. On my front stoop there’s a nest […]

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Close-up of the plants

Green wall progress

A few months back a retaining wall at my parents house collapsed. Luckily no-one was hurt, but my dad decided this was an opportunity to rebuild it as a green wall. The structure of the wall includes large support beams and a steel-mesh, holding up sandbags filled with soil. We started an ad-hoc planting programme, […]

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Do Plants Think?

A new book, What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses, by scientist Daniel Chamovitz suggests that plants can see, feel, smell and remember. Maybe Prince Charles was on to something when he talked to his plants? Maria Popova, in a review for Brain Pickings, writes: Plants, it turns out, possess a sensory […]

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