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Wild Dagga for Eczema?

Can anyone help Avashnee and her son out? mol-d


I came across your website, and was wondering about  Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus). I have a son who is suffering from very bad Eczema and many people told me to get him to bathe in this?

Please could you let me know.

Avashnee Manickum

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Hi Avashnee –

I can’t seem to find concrete info online about how Leonotis helps with eczema specifically, but a Google search does reveal a number of companies which include eczema among the various maladies that it can be used for externally.

You might want to try boiling some leaves, and testing it on a small patch of skin first. Take a look at some of the Google search results – you might find more info than I.

I had eczema for years. Every year we went to the beach and every year within a day or two of some salt water and sun it would just disappear. My husband has a very severe case on his arms and legs. We took up scuba diving, and again with his, within a few days it starts healing itself. So I would say go get wet and let mother nature cure it.

Hi, I used to work at Fordoun Spa in Nottingham Road in the Midlands, and they sold a Leonotis Leonoris body butter that all our clients with eczema and psorisis swore by. We had one guy from Joburg who used to order it by the case. It is an indigenous plant which has no mind altering effects, and we found it very useful for every kind of skin complaint from eczema and psorisis to sun burn and insect bites. They have a traditional doctor there who created the formula but also grows all the herbs himself including African Potato, which is also a good one to look at. You can get hold of Fordoun and speak to Eliiot on 0332666217 or check out the website at Hope that helps.

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