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Hi Sprig

I posted a while ago about my air plants, and since then I’ve become more and more interested in them and picked up a few more. Recently I’ve been seeing staghorn ferns in loads of decor magazines and blogs, and with a bit of research I found out they’re also epiphytes (air plants that gain support but not nutrition from their hosts). I’m keen to add some to my collection, but my question is this: can I keep the plants in some kind of vessel without having to mount them on a board? Everywhere I look online only mentions either mounting or hanging them (see below). My air plants are just in jars and vases and thrive quite happily like that.

Any tips or tricks for dealing with these plants will be much appreciated.

Cheers Chris

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don’t feed it a banana! its a common myth that they need to be ‘fed’ an occasional banana (by placing it by the roots) but this brings ants and is not actually any good for them …

Hi there.
I feed my staghorn bananas and have done so for the past 15 yrs its huge and has had to have a shelter built for it. They are beautiful plants.
I also have bags of rich compost in the pouches as mine has grown away from the tree trunk.

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