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Looking for Fig Tree

Fig tree, by Mike Bogle


I am looking for a fig tree I live in Pinetown, Kwa-Zulu Natal.


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Hi Anne. I’ve just looked them up and there are 22 different Fig trees in my tree book! (Pooleys Trees). Suggest you google “Ficus” and see what appeals to you. They can be massive and take over, their root system is also invasive so choose your spot carefully!

Hi Anne –

Take yourself along to Jungle Garden in 45th Cutting / Sherwood area, and ask them. They likely have the fruit variety you’re after. I would recommend the Turkish Black, it produces wonderful fruit.

Being in Durban, I would suggest you look into some kind of organic spray which would keep off the tiny wasps which lay their eggs in the fruit – in my experience it was always difficult to keep them at bay, and the result was always fruit that looked great but were filled with wasp larvae (which many people think are worms). Guava in KZN have the same wasp problem.

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