Will this plant survive?

We’ve had a blustery few days in Durban, with gale-force winds experienced last night. I arrived at work this morning to find a tree blown over. In its branches was this plant. Does anyone recognise it? Is it a parasite or an air plant? Will it survive if moved to a new tree?

How the plant joins the tree
The foliage

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If the roots in a fork on the tree originally, it could possibly be a Ficus natalensis. Does it have latex if leaves or stems are cut?

This looks like a mistletoe, probably Erianthemum dregei, the Hairy Mistletoe, the most common mistletoe of the region. It grows freely on various tree species. At present the berries are on the plants, and at the centre is a seed surrounded by a remarkably sticky adhesive. Birds eating the fruit end with this sticking to their bill, and they wipe it off sometimes onto a branch, thus distributing the seed. Mistletoe has recently been proven to have a dramatically positive effect on biodiversity. At present I am trying my own propagation of Erianthemum by collecting seed and sticking onto likely trees. The mistletoe is very pretty when it flowers, and attracts a variety of birds and insects.

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