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The foliage

Will this plant survive?

We’ve had a blustery few days in Durban, with gale-force winds experienced last night. I arrived at work this morning to find a tree blown over. In its branches was this plant. Does anyone recognise it? Is it a parasite or an air plant? Will it survive if moved to a new tree?

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Spring has Sprung Winners!

03/10 The first winner in our ‘Spring has Sprung’ competition, run in conjunction with Jeannine Davidoff’ of earthwormproductions, is lucky no. 10 Barbara. Well done, Barbara! If you haven’t yet entered, please check it out HERE…  31/10 The second winner in our ‘Spring has Sprung’ competition is no. 6, Sammi! Nice work Sammi!   WINNERS: 1. Barbara 2. Sammi

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Bug motel

I helped my parents fell a rotten tree (pretty much pushed it over) in their garden the other day. Inside was this amazing collection of beetles and grubs, a feast for any nearby birds!

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Baby Coral Trees on the Wild Coast

A few months ago, we made a trip to Dwesa Cwebe Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape. It is quite a drive and the roads are pretty bad  – you need a vehicle with high suspension. But once you get there, the dense coastal forests, natural lagoons and beach are pretty much all yours. Well, that […]

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SHEC stakeholder meeting of Tronox KZN Sands – Mtunzini

This will be of particular interest to those concerned about the proposed mining at Mtunzini… You are reminded and cordially invited to the SHEC (Safety, Health, Environment and Community) Umbrella stakeholder meeting taking place tomorrow on Wednesday, 3rd October. At this meeting Tronox gives feedback on their performance in the SHEC areas for the first […]

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