Seed-bombing suggestion

I’ve recently moved into a more urban neighbourhood, which I feel is perfect for seed-bombing – lots of parking lots, side-roads, etc. What indigenous seeds would be good to use for this? I am looking for easy-growing flowers.

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this is the perfect time for growing stuff in durban! i would say spekboom but i’m not sure you can get seeds..

what about gazanias, sunflowers, nasturtium?

Nasturtium aren’t indigenous as far as I’m aware, and nor are sunflower come to think of it.

Gazania, gerbera, plectranthus, agapanthus, leonotis and thunbergia would all work well in a seed bomb I reckon.

Yip Travis is right, nasturtiums are from South America if I recall right. But what about marigolds, they seed easy and the colour orange is the in colour right now.
But if you want to go mad, what about mixing Gazania, gerbera, plectranthus, agapanthus, leonotis, thunbergia, Nasturtium, and marigolds etc with bird seed you can get from the supermarket?

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