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WANTED: Comfrey plants

Hi Sprig,

I would like to know where I can source some comfrey plants in Cape Town please.


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Hi Tina
I found an entry on this blog dated 16 March 2012 that could give you some help. One suggestion was Bridget Kitley Herb Nursery and Potager Landscaping(07) 9499 2209 Stellenbosch. If you up for the drive there is a lovely nursery in Porterville you could try. But I was amazed by this little herb and what they make from it – check this out
Much luck

Tina, Linda – if you want you could mail me on hedmekanik[at], and come round and get some comfrey root, which always shoots without fail. (I’m in Obs)

I just saw some comfrey for sale today at the Starke Ayres West Coast branch (Parklands main road). First time I’ve seen them at a nursery 🙂

Did any of you manage to get the comfrey? I need some. I’m in Gaborone, Botswana. any pointers?

I have loads of comfrey organically grown plants for sale in Germiston (Johannesburg) at R50.00 per plant.

Thank you. We want to plant for compost activator, veg garden fertilization and food for our chickens. Would not need many, 2 or 3 maybe because they grow and can be propagated so quick? Depends also on courier/postnet costs? We are in Modimolle, Limpopo.

Hi Nerina what would be the minimum number to courier to Gaborone? Let me know so I can make a plan to get some.

Hi Nerina I’m located in Pretoria I’d like for you to supply me with the root of the Comfrey and I’d like for you to also be my long term supplier

hi Nerina

I’m in Gaborone, Botswana and would like to be supplied with comfrey. Can that be arranged?

Hi I’m in East London, Eastern Cape is there anyone locally that Will supply comfrey plants or roots.
PE and Grahamstown will be ok

HI Nerina
I’m interested in buying comfrey plants. I am in Durban. Please may I have your email.

Nerina can i have 3 comfrey plants and roots from mthatha eastern cape nomthandazo

Hi Nomthandanazo, I can send 3 plants via PostNet to you. Please note that they loose their leaves during winter. I need your nearest PostNet office and cellphone number. Regards

Hi I am looking for comfrey tuberose not the comfrey symphytum officiales. The tuberose comfrey has almost white flowers. Any idea where to find it?

Hi guys, I’m looking on farming Comfrey but I need market. I’m looking for anyone or place that would need serious bulks

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