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WANTED: Fruit trees

I live in Glenwood and have a lovely (quite shady) garden. I am looking to fill it with fruit trees. If anyone is getting rid of their fruit trees (any kind – I’m not fussy) I would love to take them off your hands.


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A nursery calledBridget Kitley Herb Nursery and Potager Landscaping in Stellenbosch that stocks them,,,,, After long search i am h(07) 9499 2209appy to share this with you. Call Bridget on (07) 9499 2209

Hey Sarah
I saw your post and I could not help thinking about my mango trees. Four.
I live in a valley in the shadow of some huge trees. Fruit flies and a black sooty infestation and an unhealthy dose of fungus.
Point is most fruit trees needs good amount of light. And some like mangos litchi and avocado need a good deal of space.
Peaches grapes and oranges aren’t very successful.
Pecans and macadamias do grow. They are nuts though.
If you like coffee you can grow some. Not fruit again. But can tolerate semi shade.
Grapefruit grow like weeds. And fruit bountifully. Mandarins rough skin lemons that you pick up from street sellers and pawpaws are compact. Pawpaws are tall too grow rapidly from seed fruit pretty soon and can reach to the sun. I reckon they would be your best bet.
Strawberries and granadillas and guavadillas aren’t a bad idea either. Not trees but quicker to fruit.
And let’s not forget pineapples. I have had a few grow in semi shade. But they do take a few years to fruit. 3 to 4 Without any hormones. And best of all you need to eat a few pines to get those green crowns.
Custard apple is rare. Pomegrate and jackfruit are also options. Jackfruit are huge…see them at the entrance of Japanese gardens.

Kiwis afraid I have no idea.

I forgot…guavas.Pink or white fleshed. Some huge and almost pear like. And the red skinned and the sour yellow fleshed china guava varieties. They are invasive. Fruit massively. Are probably outlawed. Can come with less of those wretched seeds. Can be purchased at checkers and food lovers market. Choose a sweet one with fewer seeds and looking more pair like than round with a thicker skin. Grow rapidly from seed but are illegal because they are weed like. Their roots grow new trees.

And then there are bananas. Lol.

And wild figs for shady places.

Mulch luck

Hi Sarah

What about an Avo tree, it will do well, if you have the space and dont mind even more shade. But there is nothing wrong with some banana plants, just think of the home made banana loaf you could make. If you do the banana option, while they are still green you cut it off from the plant and hang it in the garage to ripen.

A lemon tree should also work well. The trick with them is to keep them short so that you can protect them from the wind. Maybe your other trees will just do that for you.

Sadly Khaled guavas are banned as they are Class I weeds. You are not allowed to plant them any more.

Hi Sarah
I have a few paw-paw trees which are self-seeded. male and female. They bear the most wonderful fruit, which are often taken by the monkeys or birds before we have time to get the ladder out to scale the tree.

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