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I am an ex Durbanite & I have been trying to find a particular fruit name. The fruit used to be called “Dutch Apple” – purple /sweet sour with a big hard woody seed. I was advised to try Crab Apple but it did not resemble a Crab Apple. Albert Park in Durban had many of these fruit trees.

I would be grateful if you could help with the name of this fruit

Thanx, Iris

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HiIris, I found some of these in a road near Ridge Road in Durban, and went interetting. It’s correct name is Pleiogynium cerasiferum, and I think they are called burdekin plums, maybe from Australia. Anyway, I picked some that had dropped off the tree, and am trying to grow them now.

Thanx Kath…….it is the same fruit , wish you all the success in growing the tree
It is native to Queensland Australia……I am in Perth…..will try to get one
Thanx again

Hi Gregory,

I also remember this fruit from my ‘Durban’ days- mdoni is actually the African name

the botanical name is- Eugenia jambolana but commonly known as- java plum, black

plum, jambul & Indian blackberry

I hope this is helpful


try and buy a custrd apple from a supermarket and grow your own from seed – it works. I have also grown Jack fruit this way.

Hi. Anyone knows of cherimoya trees for sale. I have started the trees from seed but i have read that it takes 4 years to fruit. Sjoe!

What about the Natal Plum( Amatungulu )? Loaded with heath benefits.
I also tried to find the name of our “Dutch Apples” but can’t find.

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