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Wanted: Jade vine creeper

WANTED : Jade vine creeper, also known as Emerald creeper (Strongylodon macrobotrys).

I live near Hoedspruit in Limpopo Province, but regularly visit Durban. There was a magnificent jade vine creeper in our garden when we bought the house, but our builder destroyed the plant before we moved in, during building renovations! It is possible to propagate from semi-ripe stem cuttings and I am happy to try this method. Can anyone help?

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Hello everyone

I had a jade vine in Lusaka and tried to propagate it by stem cuttings for about 2 years with no luck. A local gardener then showed me how to do it, Take multiple cuttings from an end branch with about 2-3 nodes and a few leaves. Cut the leaves diagonally leaving about half of the leaf (this will stimulate rooting). Put in a container with moist rich soil and place a plastic bag over it and mist the inside of the bag regularly to keep the cuttings in a moist environment. Place in a warm area and keep watering the top soil (only slightly to prevent rotting) and misting the sides of the bag regularly when you feel it is getting dry. Then wait patiently as it can take 2-3 months, and some of the cuttings may not make it. However, you should get about 30% success rate. The bag should only come off after you get a few new leaves. You will know which cuttings are likely to grow as the leaves that were cut in half will remain healthy and green. If they dry up or rot, remove that cutting and pray the others will make it, I managed to grow about 7 cuttings but I’ve since left Lusaka and had to leave them behind.

Good luck to you all – it is a wonderful plant.

Hi Donovan, hope I am not to late, If there is still Jade vines available, I would like two.
My email: letsgotimeless@gmailcom Live near Centurion .Thanks Yvonne Langeveldt

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