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Request for help with Twilight Garden

Can anyone help out Cathy and the kids at Twilight?

We would be most grateful to you if you could help Twilight Children with our garden. We desperately need: seedlings and compost for our vegetable garden. Our boys need to learn how to recycle to make our own compost. Bricks have been donated to us to build a Security Guards House thus leaving us more space for our vegetable garden. We have five boys at the University of Johannesburg

Last year we had lots of tomatoes cabbages and spinach for our boys own consumption. At the moment we have Swiss chard. We would also like to investigate roof top gardens. We would welcome a visit from anyone at your convenience. Please contact me and I will give you a tour of Twilight Children NPO. There is exciting news about the upgrading of the shelter to a boys home. We have a wonderful brand new library, with boys trained to be librarians. This programme was initiated by Patricia Scales with School Aid for which the boys and the staff are most grateful. Literacy being is a big problem for our youth and there are volunteers who assist the children to read.

Any help would be most appreciated,
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