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Hi Sprig

I’ve recently developed an obsession with air plants and am slowly cultivating a collection on my window sill. I’ve got a good few now, but I just wanted to get some advice from other Spriggers on how best to care for them (bearing in mind that I am in humid Durban). The sites I’ve consulted online just say to dip them in water once a week and then leave them to air dry before putting them back in their containers. Any other tips? Is there anything I can give them to encourage the little ones to grow more?

Cheers Chris

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They look pretty healthy. What about misting them with worm juice for an extra kick?

Fine plant in the bowl my husband calls ‘Old man’s beard’. It can get very thick. We had a bunch of it hanging from a tree in our old house – it hung from head height to the ground. Beautiful.

Hi Sprig – my tillandansia aeranthos doesn’t flower :(. Sprayed with dilu liquid fertilizer but no flowers over the years – it has multiplied which is pretty enough but would love some blooms. (area Wesern Cape) Any suggestions?

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