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Misty Mountain Hop

Hiking and trail running on the Cape is a game of pot luck. One minute the sun is shining, the next you are enveloped in swathes of cold mountain cloud. We recently went running along the Table Mountain contour path towards Devil’s Peak and stopped at the ‘Breakfast Rocks’, normally a great place to have a snack and take in the view. Not this time. We were met with very limited visibility and a bit of drizzle for good measure. We did see some Proteas in bloom though and a huge spider on its web. Anyone know what it is? I have included a high res image of it and a short video of the Armageddon-like clouds. 🙂

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hi jeannine,

i have added a closeup of the spider. not the greatest pic because of the watery web and the fact that i was running past and didn’t focus properly but it should give you an idea…

Your spider belongs to a group called the orb-weaver spiders, although it’s hard to identify down to species level without a shot of the top of it’s abdomen I reckon it could possibly be a Black and Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope australis).

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