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What is eating my gem squash?

I live in Benoni Gauteng and all season have had more gem squash than we could possibly eat – without a single blemish on any of them. Within the last few weeks, almost all of them are being attacked by something. Initially I thought it was the infestation of Spotted Maize Beetles that we have, but they are supposedly pollen eaters.

Does anyone know what is burrowing into my gems, laying their eggs and leaving me with a bit of a disaster full of worms? More importantly, how do I treat it? My normal concoction of garlic/chilli/onion is not working.

Many thanks

Colleen Miller, Benoni

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Pumpkin fly? My book says they are similar to fruit fly and lay eggs beneath the skin of young fruit shortly after flowering and the maggots tunnel into the fruit causing it to rot in the area. They suggest spraying with malathion or using the malathion with sugar as a bait for the adult flies. I haven’t heard of a natural method for controlling this pest. We used a similar bait mix for our orange tree to control fruit flies and it worked well but for this you would have to put it a ground level which would be a danger to pets and wild life.

Have you found a solution to this problem? My gems are badly infected with whatever is causing this:( however I need an organic solution. Please help?

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