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WANTED: Comfrey Seeds

Hi Sprig,

I am looking for Comfrey seeds or plants. I live in Somerset West. I see someone else asked the same question last year. Did they get any info?

Mulch love from me,

Jen Douglas

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Hi Jen.

If you can get hold of 1 plant it is best and easiest to propagate the root to multiply the plant. I live between Melkbos and Malmsbury area and have a few which I multiply on a yearly or second yearly basis. In my area I have to grow them in containers or the giant moles keep taking them out as it is a medicine for them. Clever buggers.
you can contact me if you like.
my email address
I could spare you a plant if you can find your way out to me…….which is quite a distance. I know there is a woman in your area/stellenbosch way that grow organic seedlings which I could try get her details for you as she may also have plants (hopefully).
Contact me and I see what I can do for you.
Abundant blessings

I am also interested in getting hold of some comfrey plants. Will drop you an email too. 🙂

A friend of mine is also staying in Somerset-West and when living in Pretoria she had her own comfrey plants, I’m not so sure if they made the trek down to Cape Town, but if you did not had any luck yet, contact her, her name is Amelia at:

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