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Offer: Mushrooms

These beautiful mushrooms are growing wild in our back garden.

My husband wants to know if they are edible and if so would anyone out there like them.

We live in Durban.

— Helen McNulty


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Those look a lot like a mushroom I used to see and eat in the UK called the Parasol mushroom (Macrolepiota procera). I wouldn’t risk eating them until you can be sure, but if you get confirmation they are very nice mushrooms to eat indeed. 🙂 I’m also confident that there would be a market for them if you could culture/collect sufficient quantities of them.

A mycologist would be your best bet I suppose, but there are a couple of very good South African mushroom field guides on the market. Have a squiz at your local Exclusive Books store, if you find one but can’t afford the book or don’t want to purchase it just flip through like I do hahaha. I can waste hours in book shops without buying anything!

Hi Helen!

Dom and I were wondering why Ray is asking you if he can eat those mushrooms?!

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