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Hollow tree

Hollow tree

I was visiting a friend in Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal this week and this beautiful flourishing elm tree was in her front garden. Can anyone explain to me how this tree thrives without any insides please? Thank you sprogs x — Helen McNulty African Cotton

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Offer: Mushrooms

These beautiful mushrooms are growing wild in our back garden. My husband wants to know if they are edible and if so would anyone out there like them. We live in Durban. — Helen McNulty  

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Botanical Society indigenous garden tour

Saturday, 24 March 2012 Oluhlaza is the isiZulu word for green and title of the blog recently created, for the property in Umgeni Heights The old Buttery homestead, tucked away on a panhandle, is a green enclave providing refuge to those who live in its garden and those who work and live in the […]

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What is eating my gem squash?

I live in Benoni Gauteng and all season have had more gem squash than we could possibly eat – without a single blemish on any of them. Within the last few weeks, almost all of them are being attacked by something. Initially I thought it was the infestation of Spotted Maize Beetles that we have, […]

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Name this plant

Hello Niall Can anyone tell me the name of this plant. Apparently it is a cactus orchid or orchid cactus? Common name is Ricrac plant. I would like to know if it is pollenated at night? The plant is growing in a pot in my garden in Durbanville and has flowered for the first time […]

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