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Please identify and provide details


I saw this plant in the botanic gardens the other day and would like to know:

a) Which plant it is

b) If it is indigenous

c) What type of growing environments it prefers, ie. shade, amount of water etc

Please let me know!

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Hi Kim,
It is the indigenous groundcover, Plectranthus ciliatus – part of the Spurflower family very popular with butterflies. Its preferred habitat is moist forest floors, but will do very well in light shade too. It gets about 20 – 30 cm high and spreads well. Often roots where stems touch the ground. A fantastic garden plant.

This is Plectranthus fruticosis ‘Ellaphi”.
Yes it is indigenous.
It is a shade loving ground cover, but to bring out the purple colour it needs a semi or partial shade position. This Plectranthus thrives with moderate to generous amounts of water, and rich well-drained soil. It will tolerate dry conditions but won’t look its best.

Thanks for the insights. now i just need a big garden with some shady areas to populate!
I do love that purple tint…

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