From a new user

Hello Sprig

Love the site and questions but bit stuck when looking for answers to said questions.

Are they on the blog under comments?

If I’ve missed the blindingly obvious, please be gentle with your reply.

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thanks for the compliment.

we’re pretty much a community blog, which means anyone can send in an image, article or question and anyone can respond to it. so yes, the answers to the questions are in the comments section and provided mostly by our readers.

and sometimes there won’t be an answer if none of our readers can respond.

hope that helps and feel free to contribute, in any way you wish 🙂

Let’s have it, ask a question and lets see who answers… I’m listening (virtually)…I love this site too, it’s working. I was very glad whe I found it recently and it doesn’t take a whole lot out of my time to click on the email link when there’s a new question I can follow and answer if applicable…

Tx Sprig

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