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Anti-fracking Petition to SA Government

We have written briefly about fracking here and here. What are your thoughts on it? Is it a viable energy source? Too much of an environmental risk? So says the reader who sent in this link to an anti-fracking petition… Do you agree with what is written below? mol-d

In South Africa, the government is considering whether to remove the moratorium that prohibits fracking – a practice that destroys our environment by creating greenhouse gases, consuming water in unsustainable volumes, increasing air pollution, putting people at risk of toxic pollution and more. Don’t let fracking endanger South Africa’s environment and people. Keep dangerous fracking out of South Africa.

Fracking is an environmentally dirty process which will:

  • Add significantly to world greenhouse gases.
  • Consume water in unsustainable volumes.
  • Increase damaging air pollution up to 300km downwind.
  • Risk polluting groundwater.
  • Put workers and our people at risk of toxic pollution.
  • Produce wastes that we cannot treat.
  • Industrialise a hauntingly beautiful landscape.
  • Create temporary boom-town conditions.
  • NOT provide long-lived jobs with useful skill sets.
  • Increase the traffic on poor roads a hundred-fold.
  • Cause noise, dust and light pollution.

South Africa has no trained supervisors for fracking operations, which coupled with a low price of gas will mean that companies will cut all the corners they can. A free-for-all will result. That can be avoided by careful use of balanced, renewable energy sources. Tell the President, the Ministers and the Cabinet that removing the Moratorium will harm South Africa and its citizens!

Target: The South African Government
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Hi Sprig

I’ve had the “Stop Fracking in the Karoo” Care2 petition button on my blog since 26 March 2011 and have written three posts about it to (if you visit my blog and enter fracking in the Blogger search box on the top left hand corner, all the entries will come up). To date I’ve had 341 visitors reading this post.

I’m so glad they’ve brought out another petition – thank you for publishing info on it. We HAVE to stop this, if we are able to…


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