Flowers for a special day?


We are tying the proverbial knot in December next year on the West Coast in the Cape. We’d like to use Proteas and other local flowers (though I have a weakness for these non-indigenous Craspedia Billy’s balls – oh dear). Anyone have suggestions for flowers to include in arrangements around this time of the year and recommendations of florists?

Any help welcome!


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Kim, hi –

Well, in order to wean you off your unseemly addiction to exotic species (sies!), here are some suggestions which I think will meet your love of yellow globes.

Give the following a googlification:

Leucospermum prostratum
Leucospermum cordiofolium

and for a dazzling yellow / red flame effect,

Leucospermum oleifolium

See how you feel about those. The good things is that I’ve just been at Kirstenbosch this past weekend and seen all of those in flower, so chances are you’ll be able to source them next December from a legit Protea breeder or have your wedding planner source them for you.

Hope that helps,


thanks for the tip Travis – I do like the pin cushions definitely a good cure for my alien addiction! nice one on the garden by the way – it looks amazing!

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