Companion Planting Winners!!

23/11 Ok, so there has been a lot of interest in Jeannine Davidoff’s companion planting book. I hope that those of you who don’t win a prize will still go out and buy the book. It would make a great Christmas present for fledgling and established gardeners alike!

To keep things democratic we use the True Random Number Generator to give us a number between 1 and 48 (from top to bottom comments). This time, 3 is the magic number, which means that Samantha Pickard has won the first copy of the book. Well done to her!! There are still three more copies to win so think positively about your number…

30/11 We’re now up to 70 and the second winner of Jeannine’s book is Nadia at number 4. This Random Number Generator seems to like low and consecutive numbers. Watch out Dani, you might be next. Good work, Nadia! Enjoy getting your fingers dirty! 🙂

09/12 So, we’re out of the single digits. This week’s winner is number 51, Julia. Nice work, Julia, good luck with your patch full of moth-eaten cabbage, lettuce and cauliflower… 🙂

19/12 Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner – end of year rush… The fourth and final recipient of Jeeannine’s book is no. 9, Muffins! Congrats Muffins, just in time for Christmas…

Finally, a big thanks to Jeannine for supplying all of these books for the competition. You all seem very enthusiastic about it so if you haven’t won, please support Jeannine by buying a copy of the book.

We also have another competition to win some cool calendars, one more to go. Please check it out and comment 🙂


1. Samantha Pickard
2. Nadia
3. Julia
4. Muffins

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Congratulations Samantha Pickard on winning the first signed copy of the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide in the Sprig Blog/ Earthworm Productions Competition! Hope you and your garden thrive. Your signed copy will be on the way to you soon! Tjeers! Jeannine

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