Assasin Bug ?

Could any tell me if this is an assassin bug? I was weeding my garden and it appeared!

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I went to Wikipedia and found the following:
Reduviidae (from the contained genus, Reduvius which comes from the Latin reduvia meaning hangnail or remnant) is a large, cosmopolitan family of predatory insects in the suborder Heteroptera. It includes assassin bugs (genera include Melanolestes, Platymeris, Pselliopus, Rasahus, Reduvius, Rhiginia, Sinea, Triatoma, and Zelus), wheel bugs (Arilus cristatus), and thread-legged bugs (the subfamily Emesinae, including the genus Emesaya). There are about 7000 species altogether, making it one of the largest families in the Hemiptera.


This is not an assasin. It is a bug in the family Pyrrhocoridae – they are plant feeding.

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