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If Durban Point Development Company (DPDC) gets their way and construct a small craft harbour, Durban will soon lose one of its most popular beaches… Vetch’s Beach. This unique beach that offers such a wide variety of water sport activities will be buried under a pile of concrete and steel robbing the man in the street of this truly family environment, turning it into a playground reserved for the super rich.  As the municipality is a 50% shareholder, it means that not only do the people of Durban lose their beach, but pay to lose it too!

See the below document for more details and support the fight to save Vetch’s!

Johnny Vassilaros


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Here are some pics of our recent Blue Line Walk at the Durban beachfront..

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it’s a shame when progress destroys community, which seems to be what is happening at Vetch’s.

Aside from the beach aspect, little do the members of DSBC and DUC realise what is in store for them should the development go ahead in its current form. Basically both clubs have agreed to vacate their current position without compensation, will have to pay to re-create a new club on a site to be determined at the developers sole discretion, without knowing what their rates will be. Furthermore the levies for the upkeep are undetermined. The members have been warned of this time and time again. How any sane minded person could be a signatory to the memorandum of understanding or agreement is beyond me.

hi matt, what do you mean that both clubs have agreed to vacate their current position? have they signed an MOU in this respect?

The 2 clubs, DSBC and DUC signed this document many years ago I think it was 2007 or maybe even earlier. I have taken the trouble to read the document from cover to cover. In essence the agreement / understanding lays down what will happen to the clubs when approvals are complete. To cut to the quick, the agreement allows the developer to do as he pleases and NO Guarentees are given to the clubs. The trouble is the steering committees told the members it was ok to sign and the members believed them. On the bright side, the document is not legally binding and if enough members wake up, read the document and vote according to their common sense then we may well be able to stop this. Everyone is led to believe that Durban Paddle SKi club is being difficult, on the contrary they actually understand the implications contained in the document.

mol-d, it’s my understanding that the DSBC and DUC have signed these documents ignorantly, without understanding the consuequences of their actions for themselves and for the wider seaside visiting community.

The man on the street is getting screwed. Vetchs is an incredible little spot that I pray will stay around for a long long time. Go there on new years eve or new years day and see what goes down is paradise with lots of families having fun. Compare it to the rest of Durbans beaches at the same time of year and you will see what a wreck Durban is. It is Durbans last nice beach!!

Greed is what turns people nasty and theylose the plot. This whole Vetchs thing stinks of greed and underhandedness.Karma has a wonderful way of creeping up on people. Long live Vetchs.

Bunch of bloody idiots the entire lot of you greedy, lying bastards! The developer and all his cronies should all take lie detector tests and those should go to the media.

Leave Vetchs alone and give up the fight,walk away and dissapear into the distance where you can all go try conn other people. One day is one day and the old addage applies – The wheel TURNS. Enough of your lies and deciept Durban has had enough of you!

It will be a sad,sad day the day these people get thier way. Vetchs is a part of Durban and has been for decades. Who gives these handful of people that have done nothing but pull the wool over the publics eyes the right to get away with thier own devious actions, lies and deciept at the expense of the, public who love this beach? For some people there will be very little point living in Durban if Vetchs goes – its a way of life. Why on earth does anyone in thier right mind want to be surrounded by a heap of brick with no access to the sea as we know it looking out of a window and paying huge fees to do it? If we want to sit in a social club and drink beer and eat steak go to Jo Cools but leave Vetchs alone and be gone with you. What about the annual ski boat comp has that dumb comittee even considered that? The revenue lost with that surely cant be snuffed at? What about the loss of the reef – surely its a unique ecosystem that has to be preserved at all costs or does money these days even buy a reef off? Have any of these dumb ass developers and their tag along cronies even considered the costs of this not working for them and the consequence of yet another white elephant cowering in our city? Common guys catch a wake up this is Africa – go turn JHB into a marina go play your games somewhere else but leave Vetchs alone. Give it up now and accept defeat and bow out gracefully.
Heaven help us the world has turned mad with mad people with gold glint in their teeth hiding in every nook and cranny just waiting to pounce on another unsuspecting victim.

Eish Ethekweni amdoda bachoncha – vula amethlo manje vula!

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