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Indigenous garden tours 26.11.11

Humans are responsible for the excessive production of greenhouse gases, (including atmospheric carbon) faster than the environment can absorb it. We burn fossil fuels which form an atmospheric layer that stops heat from escaping and reflects the heat back to earth, causing temperatures and sea levels to rise, and climate to change. We need to realize that solid waste reduction and recycling reduce greenhouse gases associated with these processes, and help address global climate change. We should recognize what a vital role plants play, especially natural forests with their tree canopy cover, in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. We can contribute and make a change if we garden indigenously and view plants as sponges absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. We can garden organically, producing our own compost from organic waste, and we can reduce our volumes of inorganic waste and recover materials for recycling, even using these to produce energy.

Tucked away from the bustle of the surrounding area, Louise Torr and John Rash have created an environmentally friendly indigenous garden for their home and the neighbouring Mackaya Bella B & B, using exactly these principles. An example of how everyone can reduce their carbon footprint! Don’t miss the opportunity to see this green living example. Book now for 26th November 2011. All proceeds from this event go to the Botanical Education Trust and the KZN Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa. Pre-booking and pre-payment is essential as no tickets will be sold on the day. Price: R45.00 per adult and R25.00 per child. (R40.00 and R20.00 for BotSoc members). Guided talks/tours at 08:30, 10:30, 12:30, 14:30 will each last about two hours and refreshments will be served.

To book, contact Sandra Dell on 0733859206/ 031 201 5111 or email

Directions will be sent on confirmation of booking.

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