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COP17: Support women farmers

“The number of hungry people is set to reach over 1 billion by the end of this year. Rural women are a vital – yet seldom seen – part of the solution to this crisis.

Small scale farmers produce half the world’s food and most of them are women. With access to training, technology, financial services and markets – the number of people going hungry could be cut by 15%. With 7 billion people on the planet this year, their role is more important than ever.

Climate change could put an extra 50 million people at risk of hunger by 2020 and as we have seen with the drought in East Africa recently – the situation is only getting worse. The majority of those affected will be small-scale farmers.

It’s vital that we keep up the pressure on governments to deliver on their promise to halve world hunger by 2015. If you are in the US you can take action by asking Obama to stand with Africa and support women farmers.

We’re continuing to press for increased international support for small-scale women farmers and we’re are launching lots of exciting campaign activities around the world in the lead up to the UN Climate Conference in South Africa happening now.

You can help by using our video at the top of this page to tell your friends and networks about this campaign. Please share it on Facebook and Tweet about it. We’ve also got a whole bunch of multimedia goodies for you to play with and share here. The more noise we can generate about women farmers – the more visible this solution will become!”

See the Action Aid video here.

You can also follow Action Aid’s live coverage.

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