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Companion Planting Competition

Together with Earthworm Productions, we would like to introduce you to the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide and give four lucky gardeners a signed copy! Just in time for Christmas…Β  πŸ™‚ mol-d

Companion Planting is the art and science of growing groups of vegetables, herbs and flowers, to create a diverse, flourishing vegetable garden that sustains without pesticides and chemicals to control pests. Do it all naturally with Companion Planting.Β  Companion planting gives you an understanding of each plant in the organic garden, including information on which plants can be grown together successfully and which do not thrive with each other. The guide is full of information about plant companions and antagonists, tips and uses for each plant, as well as nutritional and herbal uses as well as information on when to plant. It includes 142 plant species and over a 100 illustrations of plants which include a variety of common food, herb, fruit, flowers and indigenous plants. Companion Planting is designed to guide you on your learning journey about organic gardening and companion planting. It is simply laid-out and easy-to-read and is always there as a quick reference.

Jeannine Davidoff, of Earthworm Productions, and the author of the book, has very kindly offered us four signed copies of the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide as part of the holiday celebrations. To enter the competition, please comment below. Winners will be selected randomly and we will give away a book a week until 14th December so tell your friends! Books will be posted within South Africa only but enter for a friend. This would make a great Christmas present!Β 

ChaiFMΒ  is interviewing the author of the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide, Jeannine Davidoff, on 28 November 2011 at 10am. Be sure to tune in!

ContactΒ  for any inquiries.
Jeannine Davidoff
earthworm productions
073 319 3713

96 replies on “Companion Planting Competition”

I have a huge veggie patch full of moth eaten cabbage, lettuce and cauli. The carrots look like they were grown in Chernobyl. I neeeeeed this book. Please!

I have been trying to live in a self sufficient way for a couple of years now – as self sufficient as it is possible in a small house in the middle of the city! I share my produce and seeds with all my friends and neighbours and would LOVE a copy of this book. Please enter me in this competition πŸ™‚

always good to have fresh new ideas from a hard working experienced garden gal thankyou janine!!

always good to have fresh new ideas from a hard working experienced garden gal thankyou janine!!
need the book pleaese!!!

i am a absolute enthusiast and love mother nature and am at present setting up a permaculture in the boland with a local community.Funny enough these folks do companion planting in a rudementry understanding threw gernerations of home gardening. we are non profit just a bunch of dreamers trying to make the dream real.Giveing a copy of your great info would really enrich our projects and def the knowledge we get would be used over and over again so pretty please pick me thanks steve

Loving companion planting πŸ˜‰ just spent the weekend with friends in Lutville with a small natural farm – pigs hens and milking goats – who have just started a little permie garden.we spent all weekend looking up companion planting tips – this book would make a great gift for them!

This would be a wonderful resource for the Container Garden Project in Malawi. The project is run by of Patrick Harry, who Patrick was a student in Ghent (Belgium) and took advice to start container gardening in his home country.
He is teaching and training youngsters in the container gardening technique, thus helping youth to grow fresh food (vegetables and fruits) with a minimum of irrigation water. The main objective of this project is to provide food security and to limit malnutrition, particularly of children.

Please enter me into this comp….I would love to have this book.
Anyone out there got info on managing gardens where there are baboons and outher wild animals?

This book sounds absolutely super. I have tried companion planting with information gathered from the web but what a win to have it all at one’s fingertips. The web is great but I still love my books the most!

I am 3 montths into a new veggie patch in Knysna, this book would be a godsend, love and abundance to y`all, Nat.

I would greatly appreciate having a copy of this book to support the gardening projects which will be a part of a new centre being planned on my grandfather’s land.

This book is perfect for the avid gardeners and the amateur gardeners alike. Jeannine thank you for following your dream and making such a fantastic and useful book available to us.

As we are living in Nigeria, fruit and vegetables are very expensive. I would like to grow my own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Am a young gardener who has caught the “gardening bug”…..and need all the help I can get. Tks for a great blog

Love companion planting and experimenting with what works. Also try spraying with a tea made from chillies & aloe, bagging also works but sometimes the gogos still get the better of you but if you grow a big enough selection of veggies you just have try eating something else for a while!

I would love this book to help me on the road to growing all our family’s food! Looks great!

It would be awesome to win a copy of this for Christmas. Would be a great help for my own garden as well as the RDP community food garden project.

so with 2001 drawing to a close,i have found myself at a most wonderful crossroad!!!….behind me i will be leaving a path dominated by heirachies,and mindless waste,before me lie my dreams ,LUSH with tree’s seedlings and sprouts. a am most honoured and proud to announce that i have found my is my ambition to feed my community ,both literally and figuratively,and it is through my intimate relations with plants that i have come to this monumental realisation!!!!..i would be delighted to share in your knowledge ,please count me in …!!!!

Hi this book would be a real blessing!! I am a mom with 4 children I’ve been growing vegies for us for a few years now, and would love to learn more about compainion planting and would love to be able to pass it on to my children who are keen gardeners and veggie munchers πŸ™‚ xx

looks like a fantastic book – really useful !
If I don’t win it I will put it on my “wish” list πŸ™‚

This will be a great Christmas present to me. I just moved to a plot and want to plant vegetables.

This works really well and helps us eschew pesticides in our garden. Would love to have the book to learn about recent developments. And also want to get a really good working worm farm in the new year

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