Companion Planting Competition

Together with Earthworm Productions, we would like to introduce you to the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide and give four lucky gardeners a signed copy! Just in time for Christmas…  🙂 mol-d

Companion Planting is the art and science of growing groups of vegetables, herbs and flowers, to create a diverse, flourishing vegetable garden that sustains without pesticides and chemicals to control pests. Do it all naturally with Companion Planting.  Companion planting gives you an understanding of each plant in the organic garden, including information on which plants can be grown together successfully and which do not thrive with each other. The guide is full of information about plant companions and antagonists, tips and uses for each plant, as well as nutritional and herbal uses as well as information on when to plant. It includes 142 plant species and over a 100 illustrations of plants which include a variety of common food, herb, fruit, flowers and indigenous plants. Companion Planting is designed to guide you on your learning journey about organic gardening and companion planting. It is simply laid-out and easy-to-read and is always there as a quick reference.

Jeannine Davidoff, of Earthworm Productions, and the author of the book, has very kindly offered us four signed copies of the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide as part of the holiday celebrations. To enter the competition, please comment below. Winners will be selected randomly and we will give away a book a week until 14th December so tell your friends! Books will be posted within South Africa only but enter for a friend. This would make a great Christmas present! 

ChaiFM  is interviewing the author of the South African Planting and Companion Planting Guide, Jeannine Davidoff, on 28 November 2011 at 10am. Be sure to tune in!

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