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WANTED: Comfrey plants or seeds?

Hi Spriggie,

I’m from Bellville in the Western Province and cannot find comfrey plants or seeds. Can you give an idea where to look for some seeds/plants. And at what price? I’m looking forward hearing from you

Louw le Roux

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I am propagating comfrey . At the moment I have several little plants that are growing well. I live in Sunset Beach near Milnerton.Contact me. Sue

Hi Louw,

Here is a comment from Alexander, who was also looking for comfrey:

“If anyone in the Cape Town area is looking for comfrey plants there is a lady up near Melkbos who gives plants away when she divides them. Her email is
If you drop her an email I’m sure she’d gladly part with one or two. I am busy arranging to get some from her for myself soon. :)”

Hi Sue I have sourced comfrey as well but lady is in Stellenbosch and I live in N suburbs, how can i contact you for comfrey

Hi all,
I am looking for comfrey plants/leaves in order to assist with the healing of my fractured tib/fib following an accident sustained while traveling home from work.

I will greatly appreciate it if you maybe have some comfrey for me so I can try the knit-bone plant on my fracture as I have read many amazing stories about this medicinal plant.

Kind regards,

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