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Troll Road!

It seems that for the time being the mining has been halted at Xolobeni. According to Sustaining the Wild Coast, the latest threat to the environment and sustainable development in the area is the proposed toll road (dubbed ‘Troll Road’). It says, “Delegates to COP 17 in Durban must watch this film if they wish to understand South Africa’s environmental activism.” For SWC updates, like on Facebook or follow on Twitter. Support their cause by buying the 2012 Calendar to “raise funds for court action, not simply to stop the road, but to promote their democratic right to decide their local destinies locally.”

For more detail, here is a  three part video:

Part 1: Re-membering.

Simon Gear of 50|50 gets an update from SWC social worker John Clarke on the status of the Xolobeni Mining Rights and N2 Wild Coast Toll Road for SABC’s environmental program 50|50. Local residents speak their minds and hearts about development imposed from above.

This is a re-versioning of the report broadcast on 26 September 2011, with additional background footage showing 50|50’s outstanding role over the years in actualising not only environmental rights but civil rights as well.

Part 2: Re-visioning.

Sustaining the Wild Coast and South Coast residents collaborate again to open up the Wild Coast for the revival of eco-tourism now that the death grip of the pro-mining interests has been loosened. South African civil society shows it can light candles, not only curse the darkness, by re-visioning an eco-tourism future, including walking trails from the Wild Coast Sun resort, and the restoration of the Mtentu River Lodge situated on the “Jewel of the Wild Coast” the Mtentu estuary.

But the N2 Wild Coast ‘Troll’ Road offers little local benefit and Planet Saving Wild Lawyer Cormac Cullinan is instructed by AmaDiba residents to take their case against the road to court, believing it will be “Too Great a Toll”. The film launches the “Too Great a Toll,” 2012 Calendar to raise funds for court action, not simply to stop the road, but to promote their democratic right to decide their local destinies locally.

Part 3: Re-claiming.

Showcases the “Too Great a Toll” calendar produced to raise funds for high court action by amaMpondo residents to stop the N2 Wild Coast ‘Troll’ road. WildAwake photographer Cheryl Alexander and her production team hike their way from Sigidi to Port St Johns. “The making of…” features a selection of Cheryl’s stunning pics interspersed with ‘candy-ham’ behind the scenes clips, put to a music soundtrack by Claire Johnston (Mango Groove) and Jeff Maluleke from their album Starehe – an African Day. Meaning ‘a state of peace, tranquillity, contentment’ in Swahili, Starehe was a creative collaboration by them “to support fundraising causes close to our heart”.

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Great news on the xolobeni mining! Funny how little coverage in the mainstream media there is of the decision, seems like good news doesn’t make for good headlines? Go sprig for being amongst the first then!

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