The South African Sun: ‘Please Use Me More!’

Hiya buddy!

The South African Sun here. We’ve met before – I’m sorry I turned you into a tomato at the cricket last weekend. But you see, I’m a little bit bored of the same old job I’ve been doing for billions of years.

Your southern skies are very hospitable, but I’ve got the potential to power the whole country, instead of just getting in your eyes on a clear day.

Shadow, no shadow, shadow, no shadow, shadow, no shadow…
Rising, setting, rising, setting, rising, setting…

I want to do so much more!

South Africa has some of the best renewable energy resources in the world – we don’t attract so many tourists every year because of our bad weather, that’s for sure. But our government seems to have overlooked these options.

Few industries offer as many opportunities as our emerging energy industry. If we took advantage of the 2 500 hours of shine time I give you every year, we could:

  • create 149,000 new jobs for South Africans by 2030.
  • tackle runaway climate change.
  • fire up new industries nationwide.
  • ensure a clean and safe energy future for our children and their children.

The job creation potential of renewables is so potent, that even if climate change and energy security weren’t an issue for the country, investing in renewables would still make sense.

Every hour, I beams the world more than enough energy to satisfy global needs for an entire year. Just imagine the possibilities if we started to take advantage of that…

Investing in renewables is about investing in people and would be a win for energy security, a win for the climate and a great win for the economy. Win-win-win!

How can you get involved?
South Africa’s fantastic renewable energy resources are, sadly, going largely overlooked. The wind and I are begging to be used more.

Join our campaign to answer our pleas and call on the government to use renewable energy more. Sign up at
Sign my petition and let’s make sure the government realises the true potential of clean, renewable energy.

Thanks for listening to my plea. I promise I’ll shine brightly all summer! If you’d like to keep in touch, I’m on Facebook and Twitter too.

See ya later, sunshine!
The South African Sun

One reply on “The South African Sun: ‘Please Use Me More!’”

i like the idea of this and am definitely pro alternative sources of energy but it is a tricky one. there is a growing and urgent need for energy, hence the continued use (and building) of coal plants.

solar and alternatives should be used but they technology is still developing and are therefore expensive in comparison to coal.

nuclear is another ‘clean’ but potentially hazardous option, particularly when proposed nuclear sites are very close to ecologically diverse and sensitive areas

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