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Setting up a kitchen garden


I have a small cottage in a fairly big yard and am blessed with a wonderful gardener, himself a horticulturist.  Unfortunately, he has his own vision about what he wants to accomplish in my yard and I don’t mind, because the yard is big enough for both of us, but I do feel frustrated at my lack of knowledge to give him the necessary direction in order to accomplish my goals.

What I want to do more than anything is to establish a kitchen garden (preferably a “green” one) close to my kitchen, but I do not even know what site to choose or how to go about it.  The reason for the email is to ask if you know of somebody close to Assagay/Hillcrest who can help me.  Of course I have much bigger dreams for my garden, but the kitchen garden is my first priority as I have been trying to get this off the ground for the past five years and currently I do not even have a garden patch!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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