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Save Bantamsklip from nuclear

A personal appeal from the chair of Savebantamsklip campaign

This is a community project, entirely created and funded by people like you. This petition and its effectiveness for its purpose is up to and dependent on us acting together. You are part of that community. This effort is about the power of people like us to achieve extraordinary things. People like us sign-up, co-operate and fund the campaign. It took a community like us to stop the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Nuclear roll-out across Africa. Ultimately it took a single committed individual to force the ANC to institute an independent commission of inquiry into the Arms Deal. It also took the small Green Party in Germany to start the closure of their entire nuclear fleet. It took committed people like us to create biosphere reserves which protect our natural environment and sustainable development for us and for generations to come.

Our objective is to persuade the ANC government to review their decision to place a massive Nuclear Industrial facility, with two reactors on the Bantamsklip site, near Pearly Beach. The pylons and power lines would run for hundreds of kilometres to the national grid across land which supports unique plant types. We need to guard and protect the high value, protected, marine and terrestrial areas, that would be impacted were this proposal to go ahead and motivate to create a combined world heritage site instead.

This petition was initiated by Richard Peirce from the Shark Conservation society, The Dyer Island Conservation Trust and the Save Bantamsklip organisation. South Africa currently operates the continent’s sole nuclear power plant on the west coast near Cape Town. The last attempt to build a nuclear plant, led by state-owned power utility Eskom, was scratched after wasting upwards of 10 billion Rand of taxpayers’ funds. South Africa has said it would like to build a fleet of six nuclear plants to keep costs lower due to economies of scale. In August, the Energy Ministry launched a bid process for the supply of 3 725 MW of renewable energy by 2016.

The government has shown that they can roll out renewables to serve our energy needs. This move will create more local industries more types of jobs in more places and the capital is spent here. [this is a similar sentiment to the recent post on solar energy – mol-d] Huge economic and political interests are pushing Energy Minister Dipuo Peters to buy reactors that we do not need, and export vast sums of capital, that we cannot afford. Now let’s show the Minister and her government that the people want them to stand-up and protect our natural assets, which attract the primary source of our economic life-blood, the tourism industry.

Click HERE to sign the urgent petition then forward this link to everyone, Please! This online petition makes it easier for all to join and will add you to the thousands who have already signed up with the existing local effort.

Thank you very much for your interest and help,



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You got my vote! And I will be posting the link to the petition on my blog tomorrow.

Thanks, Sprig, for bringing this petition to my attention. 🙂

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