Broken glass beach

I went for a run along Durban’s beach this afternoon – barefoot on the sand – and was shocked to see loads of broken beer bottles washed up on the shore. This is my theory: people drink all weekend in the parking lots along the beach front, which are then ‘cleaned’ by hosing broken glass down the storm water drains. The glass is then washed back onto the beach.

Has anyone else noticed this? Who can I complain to?

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A few years ago my son was trying to cover my husband with sand whilst he was “sleeping” on the beach. My son was about halfway through his project (LOL) and stood up to view his handiwork. Satisfied, he sank (heavily) into the sand to continue, and landed on a large piece of glass which was hidden just below the sand. It sliced into his kneecap. Luckily he did not damage the muscles / tendons, but did require plenty of stitches. And the incident put paid to his summer school holiday fun!

Nasty, unnecessary and painful.

But this type of things has been going on for years…

I also don’t / didn’t know who one would complain to and would love to know.

Hi Dani

Ouch! Poor guy, must’ve been traumatic.

I was actually more worried about the hidden, unseen pieces of glass buried in the sand than those you could see and avoid.

I did report it to the lifeguards but they weren’t too concerned.

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