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Two West Coast questions

Hi guys!

I live in Melkbosstrand (Western Cape, West Coast) and we have a real problem with hydrophobic soil. How does one rectify this cost-effectively and safely? Also, I want to plant some plants that are indigenous to the West Coast where I live and that are drought resistant. Do you have any ideas? How should I prepare my hydrophobic soil for these plants?

Thanks very much!



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I live on the sea on the west coast too. I find that the more compost and organic materials I add to the soil the more absorbent it gets . you are welcome t o visit my garden to get some plants that grow well in this area and also to see what I do to combat the salty air and extremes in wind that one finds on the west coast .

Sure . Will take a few photos tomorrow when the sun is out. The spring flowers are worth a look at.

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