Enquiry about the SpekBoom

Good day,

I read the article on your website about the spek boom

Would it grow in Gauteng?

Please advise


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Hi Judy

The Spekboom will grow in Gauteng but need well drained soil, i.e. stoney soil or planted on aslope, or planted on a raised soil area where water will mostly run off around it.

I used it in Gauteng when I did landscaping there. It is a lovely plant and needs space since they can get fairly large.

Hello Judy
I have grown Spekboom in the South of Johannesburg but it did not thrive as well as it does in the Eastern Cape, nor did it flower. It is half hardy to frost and I am sure that it will thrive if grown in the warmer northern parts of Johannesburg and Gauteng, in a position protected from frost. A black frost however would very likely do great harm.

I have 3 spekboom plants in my Sandton based garden and they are happily growing. They’re fairly small, so I’ve not yet had flowers – remains to be seen if they are happy enough to flower, but they are certainly growing!

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