The amazing Pappea capensis (Jacket Plum)

Details from the ACT site but definitely worth passing on…

  • One hectare of Pappea capensis trees can produce approximately 1560 litres of biodiesel per annum, estimate value: R10,000/ha.
  • Leaves of Pappea capensis are browsed by game, birds, livestock and butterflies and there are numerous medicinal uses for the roots, bark and leaves.
  • Fruit from the Pappea capensis is fit for human consumption, particularly for jam, jelly and vinegar production.
  • Seeds of the Pappea capensis fruit produce a high-quality bio-oil.
  • The nutritious seedcake by-product of the biodiesel production is a high-protein animal feed.
  • Pappea capensis is indigenous to South Africa, reduces soil erosion by its strong rooting process and is drought resistant

Apparently it will also be one of SANBI‘s 2011 Trees of the Year.

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