We’re having a bumper crop of limes this year. The tree is laden with fruit and there are loads of flowers, promising even more delicious limes! Last year we made home-made lime cordial (a great success!) and salted limes (not quite as successful). This year we are thinking marmalade. Any recipes will be appreciated.


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this is very late but if you get many more limes ypou can try boiling them, sweeten them with syrup and follow one of 2 routes.
pickle with pickle masala(coarse salt, dry chillis, coriander seeds coarsely ground…no mare-thii i e fenugreek)and a splosh of oil .it needs to stand for a bit.
or go no or little spice and use vinegar.and green chillis. sorry am sketcky on details coz i dunno for sure.

ps .yellow limes are normally used for pickling. are these tiny little “prayer” limes south indians use…if so i dunno if they will work as well

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