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Help Save Our World Heritage Site

Green Renaissance Productions has recently filmed a series of videos to raise awareness about the potentially damaging effects of coal mining outside of the Mapungubwe World Heritage site. Mapungubwe is one of South Africa’s most sacred places. It is a World Heritage Site, the site of the earliest Southern African Kingdom, a National Park and a Transfrontier Conservation Area.

But by July 2011 the South African Government had granted Australian-owned mining company, Limpopo Coal, a series of permits to construct a large opencast coal mine in this ancient cultural landscape. Many people do not agree with this.

Please watch the short 2 minute film below- all we ask is that you share it as wildly as possible, on the internet or on other social media channels.

You can also join the campaign at:

A full press release is attached, should you need any more information or pictures please let me know.

Many thanks,

Jenna van Schoor

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