Water features for teensy spaces

Lookit. We made a ‘pond’ that pretty much anyone can put together in a small space, i.e. no bigger than 1m x 1m. You will just need sun. Reason: the small black pump-powered fountain in the middle works via a solar panel just out of frame. Long as the panel gets about 2 hours of sun a day, it should set off the fountain during times of direct sunlight. The Green Shop in Cape Town has a max 50cm fountain for about R595 and a max 70cm fountain for about R740. It’s neat, as you don’t need to connect to a power outlet, just the panel. Other shops must sell this sort of thing too.

Then we bought a sort of trough from Builder’s Warehouse, R299, epoxied shut the holes at the bottom. Water plants x 2, about R160 from your local plant farm. Decorative stones, R2 each for the blocks, about R60 per back of the pebbles (we used about 3 bags). Fill with water, position the small solar panel in a sunny spot and there you go. All in for under R1 500.

Tinkle tinkle sounds of water to relax you after a busy day. We didn’t introduce any fish to it, as they might feel like sardines. The next pond will be bigger, now we know this solar pump thing actually works… On another note, when is it going to rain in the Cape? I hear faint whispers of a summer drought, bah!

Best, Pike

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Thanks for sharing this excellent idea. I love the relaxing sound of water in the garden but the connections to power outlets were always a little challenging. This is the perfect solution and kind to the environment as well!

Hi I live on the south coast. Do you know.any stockists of solar power water features?

Hi I must thank u for ur wonderful idea gonna work on my own pond just love the sound of water fountains. So happy thx

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