Sprig in numbers…

Hi all,

Thanks again for filling in the Sprig Survey, which we ran until the end of May. Here are the results (in pie charts). Download the PDF here.

And here is what you like about Sprig:

  • I have only recently discovered Sprig, and wish I had know about it ages ago, as I really enjoy the camaraderie around gardening.
  • I like the real time blogposts
  • local news and information; well informed administrator; lots of queries from outsiders; format is appealing
  • focus on indigenous and vegetable gardening
  • Lots of variety of articles
  • It’s a great site for finding out what other SA gardener’s are doing.
  • I like the sense of community it creates. The images are fantastic. It has a nice clean layout, and a simple aesthetic. It’s not over the top. I like the fact that people can ask for help, and it’s easy to interact with.
  • Friendly tone, interesting content, place for gardening geeks to gather.
  • The fact that you have made a blog on which anyone can ask a question / make a comment / offer a snippet of information, as opposed to a blog where only you comment
  • Like minded people -I enjoy the articles on organic gardening etc
  • interesting relevant information about gardening and the environment written in accessible, reader friendly language
  • I like the idea of a an online gardening community
  • It’s local, and it has a fresh and appealing look. The contributors seem to be amateur gardeners like me, so it has a friendly feel about it.
  • Nice forum to send pics and hopefully get identification from other plant lovers

Thankfully, there is very little you dislike 🙂 but we have taken some suggestions on board and will be make some changes hopefully sooner than later…

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