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Running wild!

This is pretty cool and an interesting way to raise awareness of these animals’ plight…

Running very far for a really good reason

The run is 5115km, will take about 6 months to complete and will feature two runners, Dave Chamberlain (crazy nutter who came up with the idea), and Marilu Matthee (chick that just can’t say no to a challenge). Although there have been longer runs around the world, this particular route has never been run like this before and we will be the first to attempt it. The plan is to run 160km a week (+26km a day) down the well-known RN40, a tarred road that spans north to south along the western flank of the country before it rises to meet the Andes mountain range. We have envisaged running 6 days a week, taking the 7th day to rest and recover. Every 6 weeks we will take off a further week for rest. We plan to buy a camper van that will follow our every step.


In conjunction with the WWF we are raising awareness and funds for the desperate situation faced by our African rhinos which are currently being poached to extinction. Doing the same for the Jaguars in South America.


Starting at the Argentine-Bolivian border in “La Quiaca”,  that rascally little road, the RN 40, meanders its way through some of the many splendid Argentine cities cuddling the foothills of the Andes – Salta, San Juan, Mendoza, Bariloche –  finally coming to a stop in Rio Gallegos, on the Atlantic Coast.

Rising to 5000m in the north, the RN40 tracks some of the most incredible scenery in the world, passing vineyards, bustling cities, ancient burial sites, glaciers, pounding turquoise rivers and desert expanses. Along the way, they hope to raise awareness for two threatened species, the rhino in Southern Africa and the jaguar in Argentina. On completion of this warm-up run, Dave will catch a boat from Ushuaia and sail across to King George Island, where he will attempt to beat his almost octogenarian ancestors in the “Antarctica Marathon”  in March.

See more details at Running Wild.

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