Eco -Lens at diff 2011

Shatter your complacency! Environmental threat and degradation needs to be identified so that remedial action can be taken before it’s too late. With the COP conference on climate change taking place in Durban later in the year, an exceptional range of conscientising environmental films is included in this year’s Eco-Lens focus, at the Durban International Film Festival, to sharpen understanding about a spectrum of urgent concerns.

With inside access to the protagonists – and there are some very strong characters who the necessity of, and challenges to, disarmament. Closely related, Into Eternity is a brilliantly-considered approach to the construction of a nuclear waste storage facility in rock strata deep underground in Finland. Eco-Pirate – the Story of Paul Watson is about this legendary figure who, for 30 years, has been a proactive defender of our oceans and its creatures. Paul Watson himself will attend the festival – don’t miss his public talk on 23rd July. Think Global, Act Rural critiques industrial food production methods, presents a cogent argument for organic food, and offers groundbreaking initiatives in different parts of the world for our consideration.

Would it trouble you to know that frightening mining conditions, and child abuse, in the Democratic Republic of Congo produce material for your cellphone? What does Nokia have to say about it? Check out Blood in the Mobile.

Human ecology is just as important as caring for the land and its creatures, and the impact of development, or lack thereof, on humanity demand urgent and integrated responses to create a better world. Dear Mandela, Benda Bilili, The Bay of Plenty, Position Among The Stars, The Dawn of a New Day, Prosecutor, and Inside Job, all speak to social or structural conditions that affect society and our environment at large.

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