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City soil

Here are some details of a pretty cool new product that has been developed for urban greening…

CitySoil, a newly launched product from a Canadian startup by the same name, is an eco-friendly, ultra-lightweight soil engineered for weight-restricted rooftop gardens and green roof installations. The soil is made from only natural and recycled components; it’s also fully recyclable. Featuring high wind resistance along with porosity and permeability, CitySoil offers a thriving growing medium for all types of vegetation without the need for heavy and expensive multilayer systems. Made up of mostly inorganic materials, the patented CitySoil formula also will not degrade or decompose over time.


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Hmmm, but what exactly is the citysoil medium made up of? The website does not elicit much specifics. Think I’d like to know what exactly I’m growing my vegetables in.

agreed, the inorganic materials don’t sound like the best to grow veges in… but i think for greening urban areas, it could be fine…

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