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Finding Dolly Freed

This is a really great article about a really interesting woman.  Thanks to Joey for sending it through! In 1978, at age eighteen, Dolly Freed wrote Possum Living, a frugal-living book that made her briefly famous amid an infamous economy. Then she went off the grid in the most unexpected of ways—she went mainstream. Now Dolly—and her […]

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Water features for teensy spaces

Lookit. We made a ‘pond’ that pretty much anyone can put together in a small space, i.e. no bigger than 1m x 1m. You will just need sun. Reason: the small black pump-powered fountain in the middle works via a solar panel just out of frame. Long as the panel gets about 2 hours of […]

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Five trees helping to end hunger

Five trees helping to end hunger

Cross-posted from the Worldwatch Institute’s Nourishing the Planet. We know that trees can help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere. But what is less widely understood is how many of these trees can also help to bring an end to hunger and poverty. Today, Nourishing the Planet takes a look […]

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Waste Exchange

The City of Cape Town has launched an Integrated Waste Exchange (IWEX) where anyone can register and list any waste items they’d like to exchange in the IWEX catalogue. “IWEX (Integrated Waste Exchange) is a free online system that enables waste generators and users to exchange waste materials. Operating on the principle that ‘one person’s […]

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Cyphostemma bainesii

Whilst going through my photos (I have a load), I cam across this interesting-looking plant, snapped at the Kirstenbosch Gardens in the summer. So here is Cyphostemma bainesii, more than a mouthful… Here is another pic of mine, some (more…)

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