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I came across your blog and wondered whether you can id this tree that I have managed to grow from seed. Picked pod up on pavement in Swellendam. All 4 seedlings are from the same pod although its interesting how their leaves have different shapes (although some have been eaten by something) Hoping you can help. Local botanist could not identify..


Linda P

Cape Town









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Today, I finally identified the plant that I queried with you earlier in the year. Then, I typed the name of the plant into google to do some more research and……….came across your response to my query on your blog…I could have saved myself six months!! Thanks for the effort anyhow. Now I am not sure whether to plant them out or not as they are not South African….will first make sure that they are not category 1- 3 . What is also interesting is that there is a Flame Tree guesthouse in Swellendam, where I picked up the pods.

regards Linda P

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