Magical Mangroves

Recently, we were fortunate enough to make a trip to Kenya to visit some friends in Nairobi and hit the coast (thanks Voyager miles)… In the next while I’ll be posting a few things we did whilst we were up there… First off, we were at Shimoni on the coast, at a great locale called the Mwazaro Lodge. This place is right on a huge mangrove that apparently has all nine types of mangrove trees that are found in Kenya.

We were really lucky to arrive for the spring tide, which meant we had a full moon and extremes in terms of low and high tide. This meant beach swims in the mornings and a walk among the mangroves when the tide went out and before it got too hot at midday. I think the pictures tell it better and there is also a video of the mangrove boat tour we did at high tide. Does anyone know what the benefits of mangroves are (if any)? Or are they just a unique ecosystem that can survive in saline and fresh water?

Sprouting mangrove seed

Full moon

Morning tide going out

Midday low tide

Midday mangroves

Midday mangroves 2

I wanna go back to my little brown shack...

Mangrove boat trip


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