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Dear Sprig Team,

My name is Verity Willcocks and I am a gardening enthusiast who wants to write an article about Guerilla Gardening for the South African environmental magazine ‘Simply Green’ ( I have read your online articles/blogs on this subject and information on other international sites. I think it is a very inspiring, positive idea and I really want to educate the South African public about this horticultural revolution! I hope it will motivate people to care for neglected open spaces across the country and encourage the growing of indigenous plants and food gardens.

I am writing to you as I was wondering whether you have any contacts for guerilla gardening groups, or individuals, in South Africa who maybe able to answer some questions about this topic? I am also on the look out for any photos I can use for this article free of charge. My deadline is the end of this month so any help/advice/contacts would be very much appreciated!!!

Thank you so much for your time. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Kind Regards

Verity Willcocks

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hi verity, a message on our facebook page from cobus smit:

I’ve been following the guerilla gardening movement for quite some time now. I’m very excited about the possibility of he movement expanding to Africa. I’ve been in involved in a very successful community food garden project in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch for quite some time now and would gladly assist you in getting something going here

Will be very interested to see the article and also to hear about any groups and guerilla gardening projects and activities in SA. In the December Issue of the WESSA KZN News, we did an article on this topic, and also covered Frank Edward’s project in Overport. This initiative is probably the first sizeable guerrilla garden-cum-food forest in Durban. Initially it did not have council approval but is now regarded as a community upliftment project. Here is the link to the newsletter:

In our area Grootbos has been running such a project for some years now, which they call the Green Futures project. Please google Grootbos for more info.

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