Cactus flower

I got this lovely cactus from my mom, any guesses as to what it could be?



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its from mexico
flowers in winter
forest dweller on other vegetation if memory serves
and the name….xerosomething
sorry buddy, cant help there
enjoys the blossoms

Plant it into a bigger pot!! These grow into gorgeous pot plants, and are very easy to propagate from cuttings. Mine is just starting to flower and is covered in pink flowers. My pot size is about 35cm top diameter. Lucky you to have such a gorgeous red size. Sorry – can’t help you with the name.

PS – leave it outside as well – they can handle bright sun, and little water!

I think it is called a Zygocactus, or common name Christmas Cactus. The come in different colours and can grow enormous and look absolutely stunningly beautiful when in full flower. Break off a piece at the joint, stick it in some soil and it should grow another plant.

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